Data That Empowers You

ACETECH is a fully Integrated Vehicle Intelligence solution that provides a stream of real-time information which empowers YOU to take control of the operational performance and driver behavior of individual vehicles, and your entire fleet. ACETECH’s interactive cloud-based information is accessible through a simple, secure, visual web-interface. You can even receive text and email alerts on the go.

Insight for Better Decisions

ACETECH provides more than just information; the system delivers insight that supports decisions for your day-to-day operations, as well as the long-term health and performance of your organization. Real-time vehicle and fleet information is captured by ACETECH Hardware Modules, sent to the ACETECH Cloud Server and integrated into easy-to-understand on-screen and printable ACETECH Insight Reports.

Save Lives

Prevent accidents and adverse events with dynamic views and alerts on vehicle system status and driving behavior.

Lower Costs

Lower operational costs by reducing fuel consumption and preventable downtime.


Boost Performance

Effectively manage people and assets to increase operational efficiency and shorten response times.

Be In Control

Easily customize your vehicle electronics to enhance vehicle safety, performance, and delivery of care.